Keepers of the Culture

Visit "Keepers of the Culture"a museum style resource center with photographs, printed materials, maps, and artifacts. Conducts one overarching project, "E ola na Mo'olelo, which gives life to Kaua`i's history, culture and traditions. Activities for all ages, residents and visitors.

E Kipa Mai! Come Join Us!

There is no charge with the exception of printing, faxing, long distance phone calls and scanning.
Donations are always welcome and help to support the West Kaua'i Visitor Center

Year round exhibits

  • Ahupua`a, a sustainable ancient Hawaiian community;
  • Captain James Cook, British navigator with a map of his third voyage into the Pacific and instruments used in navigation;
  • Explorers, Adventurers & Opportunists, ten panels of Waimea’s first tourist to a United kingdom;
  • From Mats to  Hats, preparation and products of the hala leaves;
  • Gift of the Sea, salt manufacturing in clay beds;
  • Koa – an endemic tree, a restored 1880 fishing canoe, an 1890 & 1929  furniture, bowls and other items;
  • Sugar Plantation – decades of challenge, plantation history and life style;
  • Taro Patch to Poi Bowl, live taro plants, ancient poi pounders and board, `o`o – the only agricultural tool;
  • Seasonal exhibits
  • [February]-Na Paniolo o Kaua`i a me Ni`ihau, cowboy culture;
  • [September –October] Eo E Emalani, honoring Queen Emma;
  • [December] Christmas in Waimea